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Cornflower farming in Mayenne

It's during the summer 2015 cornflowers farming was born in Saint Martin de Villenglose.

Then, Frédérique Marcadet and her family cultivate this flower, to do cornflowers hydrolat or

cornflowers water (it's the same). This hydrolat is beneficial for the skin ans he has decongestant

property, calming eyes, and suits inflated or irritated eyelids. You can apply this hydrolat like lotion

on face.

You have this product on Saint-Denis-d'Anjou market with presence producer Frédérique Marcadet

third thuesdays of month (behind the restaurant "Relais de la Calèche").

On sale at Tourist Office of Saint-Denis-d'Anjou too, at Proxi, at hairdresser Mrs Chevy and 

inside network "La ruche qui dit oui".

Rates : 7,50 euros the flask (air pomp flask 200mil) neither addition nor preservative.

Phone number : +332.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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