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Welcome to Saint Denis d’Anjou, village of 1510 residents, located at the South-East of Mayenne department, in Loire Region. The village is bordering the departments of Sarthe and Maine-et-Loire. At only 2 hours from Paris, the medieval village of Saint Denis d’Anjou distinguishes himself because of hislabelingas Little City of Character, one of the seven in Mayenne department. It’s also a village with three listed bells tower. The area of Saint Denis d’Anjou includes VarennesBourreau, at the edge of Sarthe Valley and Saint Martin de Villenglose, road of Angers. In 1813, parishes of Varennes Bourreau and Saint Martin de Villenglose were attached to Saint Denis d’Anjou, that is why we call Saint Denis d’Anjou a village with three listed bells tower. Those three churches are listed under Historical Monuments. Saint Denis d’Anjou is also twined with Buxheim, in Bavaria.