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Natural Heritage

The vineyard of « Clos de la Morinière »

VignesIn the 17th century, Saint Denis d’Anjou vine’s extended over six hundred hectares. It has suffered of phylloxera damages in the 19th century. This disease is caused by an aphid. Thus, wine production has disappeared in Saint Denis d’Anjou. But in 1998, nearly one hectare of vine is replanted near Morinière´s ponds; you can discover ponds in ramble routes. With the vineyard in Saint Denis d’Anjou, the harvests gather members ARVEM’s (Association for the rebirth Mayenne’s vineyard). There are convivial moments, like formerly. “Clos de la Morinière” wine is a white wine, the only wine produced in Mayenne.


Fauna and flora

Faune et floreFrom Morinière ponds, follow ornithological tour through educational panels, that can help you to observe the different species.
More information at the Tourist Office, situated at 2 Grande Rue.



Rambles tours

Randonnées pédestres et vttThrough rambles tours, you can discover Saint Denis d’Anjou’s nature, that’s why we sell guide books at 3€ to rambles in South Mayenne, and guide books at 4€ to rambles in Sarthe Valley.
To be informed about pedestrian rambles organized in Saint Denis d’Anjou and the surrounding countryside, contact the Association of Saint Denis d’Anjou.



ÉtangsMorinière ponds allow you to fish for white and carnivorous fish. Follow ornithological tour through educational panels, presents in ponds. Fish cards are given in the village shops.